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Get settled into your new neighborhood faster with our residential movers.

As you prepare to move, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of tasks you need to complete. Even with help from residential movers, a few important tasks might escape your mind during the days leading up to your move, which can add unnecessary stress to your big day.

Residential Movers in Statesboro, Georgia

To help you out, here are some insightful reminders from our residential movers in Statesboro, Georgia to help your move go as seamlessly as possible:

  • Clearly label a box of essential items. The last thing you want after a full day of moving is to have to open several boxes to find a necessary item, such as toilet paper or eating utensils. Create a box of daily necessities for you and your family with things like paper towels, toiletries, medications, and anything else you’ll need for the first night in your new home.
  • Update your address and transfer important accounts. You can file an address change online through the USPS to make sure none of your mail gets lost in the upcoming weeks. You’ll also want to transfer your financial information to a bank closer to your new home and find a nearby pharmacy to transfer any prescriptions you need.
  • Make sure your utilities are ready to go in your new home. Check with the utility company to ensure that everything will be operating properly by the time you and your family arrive at the property. You don’t want to have to make frantic, last-minute phone calls to try to get your water or electricity turned on after a move.

Moving can be stressful, but our friendly team of residential movers can do all the heavy lifting for you. Reach out to us at Badie Moving Company for a moving estimate today!

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