Three Reasons to Use Our Appliance Removal Services

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Sooner or later, all appliances will wear out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, not all appliance installation services come with removal services. If you have an old appliance you need to get rid of, you can call our team at Badie Moving Company. We offer easy, convenient appliance removal services, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why you should turn to us for help with appliance removal.

Three Reasons to Use Our Appliance Removal Services

1. Convenience – As we mentioned above, our appliance removal services are extremely convenient. All you will need to do is give us a call to tell us what you need us to take, then set up a time for us to come get it. Our team will move the appliance in question onto our truck and haul it away to the right disposal or recycling facility for you.

2. Safety – Another reason to use our appliance removal services is because our team has the right experience and equipment to move heavy appliances safely. Trying to move something as heavy as a refrigerator or washing machine yourself can cause you to get hurt if you don’t know how to handle these kinds of loads. We encourage you to protect yourself and your back by having our professional movers handle your old appliances for you.

3. Environmentalism – A third reason to use our appliance removal services is because we can take your old appliances to be recycled instead of taking them to a landfill. Recycling old appliances is better for the environment, as the metal and plastic can be reused instead of going to waste. In addition, old appliances contain hazardous chemicals such as refrigerant, which can leak out and contaminate the local water system if the appliance is left to rot in a landfill. Recycling experts will remove these chemicals and ensure they are disposed of safely.